Our family!

Let me first dispel the giant question in your head - yes, my last name really is Canada.  I married into it, so I can only take credit on the choice of husband (excellent!) and our name is of Latin American origin. This also means that I have spent many years enjoying my mother-in-law’s amazing Latin American cooking, and learning to cook it myself.  Although I still can’t seem to cook rice in a pot.  Anyway.  

I spend lots of my free time with my husband and our three daughters.  We also have a chocolate lab puppy named Watson and a cantankerous tabby cat named Marmalade.  Every so often I’ll throw some pictures up of them in my blog because they’ve been coerced, uh, asked, to be in some photos.  I’ve heard bribery works wonders!  I'm a hopeless romantic at heart (anyone else?), so often on date nights you'll find me curled up at home with my husband playing card games or cooking a romantic dinner for two.  Making memories together is one of my favourite parts of being married.

Every month in my email newsletter, I send out wedding planning tips and family session help!  I also throw in a new recipe that I’ve created (bonus!).  Food is my hobby, my outlet, and my way of taking care of my family by feeding them (mostly) clean food from (mostly) scratch.  I’ve come a long way since my Campbell’s Soup Recipe days and now I can say I enjoy a ton of different food.  So, if you want in on the kid-friendly and tasty food recipe of the month, please subscribe so I can get it into your hands!  I know that food has nothing to do with photography, but food has everything to do with family.  Food is love, and I serve good food to my family to bless them daily, not just with sustenance but also my time, talent, and love.

My photography style is very classic and timeless, very minimalist - much like myself.  I'm huge on nostalgia, and so I love when people print artwork to hang in their home!  I pride myself on my small business heritage and so client care is my top priority when I work with you.  I’d love for every client to walk away feeling like they’ve been carried through the entire process of planning their family session or preparing for their wedding day.  It might be a colour consultation, or a wall gallery design or installation, but you should feel taken care of and like you’ve invested into quality, timeless images that will serve you with many years of happiness once our time together is done.   I look forward to serving you!

~ Stephanie

Family Sessions