Recipe of the Month: Top Secret Guacamole!

Fun fact about me: It took me 14 years to learn to like avocados.  I know.  And honestly? I still don’t like them plain – I think it’s a texture thing. Anyway. I’m so glad I kept giving this guacamole a try, because now it’s one of my favourite late night snacks.  This is my…

Stories From my Marriage Ep:01 | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

The Campbell’s Soup Cook   The year I met my husband was the year I realized that I really didn’t know what good food was.  I grew up in a middle-class neighbourhood, where canned corn was normal and KD graced our table at least once a week.  My mom, who is kind and wonderful, wasn’t always…

Recipe of the Month: Homemade Taco Seasoning

I don’t know about you, but at our house Taco Tuesday is a thing.  A big thing.  In my quest to embrace eating “real food” (see above) I have learned a thing or two about making my own seasonings.  This taco seasoning is kid-approved, low sodium, and best of all – you can make it…

Hello Friends

Here's a great place to keep up with my clients, my family, and even some pretty macro images!  My blog is a place where I can offer a highlight reel of my client's lives, but also where I can kick back a little and incorporate some of our own family memories too.  You may even find some photos of my silly puppy Watson too, because often he sits more still than my kids do for a photograph!  Well, I guess it helps that he can be fooled with treats - my kids are too smart for that.