Grant & Tara’s hilarious adventure (down the aisle)

Where to even begin with this one…   Most of you know that Melissa of Melissa Weber Photography and I are close friends.  We’ve known each other for almost 7 years now, we’re more like sisters than coworkers.  She’s watched my kids grow, and her mom even babysat my youngest for a little while before she started school.  Fun fact:  We even share the same birthday (although one of us is a little bit older ;)!

Melissa has two siblings, and her brother (the oldest) was the last to get married.  Grant and Tara have been together for years and I had the opportunity to get to know them before their wedding.  Melissa and I devised a clever way to split up the photographer’s duties, so she could be free to enjoy her brother’s wedding and reception, but still take the reins on certain parts of the day.  The result is that we BOTH photographed the wedding!

The thing about these two, is that they are huge practical jokers.  They are hilarious! Their entire relationship has been built on one big practical joke after another, I’m pretty sure.  But underneath it all, there’s a very real love and anticipation of starting their new life together.

The day began with getting ready, like most weddings I photograph.  However, when it came time for the first look, Tara had a surprise ready for Grant…  He was expecting his beautiful bride to walk up to him from behind, when instead he received a much bigger and hairier surprise!

Despite the cold, these two kept our spirits high and our hearts warm as we took photos outside at Rockwood Conservation Area.   The results were totally worth the frigid temperatures!

After a lovely ceremony, the reception began – lots of fun speeches and surprises were had, including a visit from a “long lost” uncle and aunt (who were actually Grant’s parents!).  Grace Frey and her amazing catering staff made sure that everyone had plenty of yummy food to eat, and a friend kept the dance floor full and the party going well into the night.

It’s always an honour and a privilege to be able to walk through one of life’s most sacred days.  Every wedding is so unique, it never gets old for me.  Thank you Grant & Tara (and Melissa!) for having me along that day.  It was real, emotional, and completely hilarious.  It was truly a great day with the both of you.

~ Stephanie


Ah, the first look…  The anticipation of seeing each other for the first time that day and… wait a minute…

Take 2…  This time with the REAL bride!

That time when your parents dress up as long lost relatives who didn’t get the invite to the wedding…

That feeling when your dad sings every word to your father-daughter dance..





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