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I get to meet the most interesting people in this job of mine, and I think that’s probably one of my favourite parts of this career.  People from different walks of life, cultures, value systems even – and that’s what keeps my job fun and fresh and me motivated for more!  Take this halloween wedding for example.  Vanessa and David planned out this relaxed and fun event for their closest family and friends – and since they love Halloween so much, they decided that they will embrace it and make a big costume party for everyone to enjoy!  

Vanessa and David met many years ago, back in 2002 while they were both in different relationships with other people.  They had kept in touch throughout the years, and eventually they started dating after their other relationships had fizzled out.  The day that David proposed to Vanessa, he popped the question at dinner by giving her a gold sovereign coin from 1900.  It’s a throwback to the old Sherlock Holmes stories when they were originally in print in The Strand.  There is one particular Holmes story, where Irena Adler gave a sovereign to Holmes as a thank you for being witness to her serect marriage.  He was in clever disguise, gathering information for a case involving her.  She figured him out, told him as much and was the only woman to have ever bested the famous detective.  He wore it on his watch chain from that day forward, and she was forever refered to as…. The Woman.

David admits freely that Vanessa was the only woman to ever have bested him – which leads to the significance of the coins.  Over a romantic dinner, David asked Vanessa if she would be his The Woman… And the rest is history!  These two spend their times playing intensely competitive Scrabble games, camping in Algonquin for the summer, and they both love comic books.  In fact, Vanessa’s “something blue” was The Tick, and he even was the star of their handmade comic book invitations.

While a little (ok, a lot) unorthodox, these two were all smiles as they pledged their love to one another in a simple yet heartfelt city hall ceremony.  After a group photograph and some family photos, we spent a little time in Victoria Park doing some couples photographs (hello period era for Sherlock holmes) before we got rained out!  They had lots of time built in to their timeline for photos though, so we ended up at Abe Erb where they grabbed a pint and we snuck in a few extra photos too.  

After the rain stopped, we headed to the Mount Hope Cemetery.  I know, it was definitely a little bit of a different location for me too.  But, Vanesa and David used to live on one side of the cemetery, and walk to Central Meat Market for their groceries by cutting through – the cemetery holds a special place in their hearts for sure. Plus, for a cemetery, it was quite a beautiful one!

After a lovely dinner at the Rockway Golf Course, Vanessa and David joined their guests at the Schwaben Club for  fun evening of dancing and food (potluck!).  

So much backstory in these images.  So much fun and love throughout the day.  It was a pleasure to serve you both and be there for all the craziness and fun, and I wish you many years of happiness together!




















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