Lori & Taylor | Conservative Mennonite Engagement Session

Have you ever met someone and you have so much in common it’s instant friendship? This is how I feel about Lori and Taylor. It reminds me of when you were a kid and all you needed to be bff’s with someone was to have the same princess shoes. When I first met them for their consultation, it took all of 2 minutes for us to find common ground… and the rest, they say, is history!

Lori and Taylor are huge food and dog lovers, and their idea of a perfect date night is a plate of nachos. Adventure is a fun part of their dating experience, so when I suggested a hike, they were completely game!  To add a little extra fun, it was a snowy, slushy, wet day… which almost made us reschedule – but I’m so glad we didn’t! The resulting winter photos made for an unforgettable session filled with lots of laughs, snuggling to stay warm, and an overall fun experience.

Here’s a few of my favourites from their wintry, snuggly engagement session… Enjoy!

~ Stephanie