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There’s one piece of advice that I offer all my potential clients when I sit down with them for consultations, and when I tell them what it is, I am always met with a surprised look and a “that’s not what I expected you to say” from their mouths. But, since 2011 I’ve worked with many couples and the advice has rung true every single time.

The biggest piece of advice I give when you are choosing your wedding vendors (specifically your wedding photographer)?

Pick someone who’s work is quality, and who you LIKE as a person.

Quality service and product always, always comes first for me. A close second though, is someone who you can work with, laugh with, and spend a whole day with but not get annoyed by them – like a really good friend who you enjoy the company of every chance you get to hang out with them.


In the case of wedding photographers, when you pick someone who’s work you admire and is a quality product, you will make sure that your wedding photos end up being some of your most precious possessions and will stand up to the test of time.

When you choose a photographer who values client care, you are making sure that you have someone who will guide you through the day, who will be there for you when a hiccup arrives, and who you will feel confident and comfortable with through the day’s most precious moments.

When you have a good relationship with your vendors, this allows a different kind of confidence – one where you know your vendor-friend will show up when needed, stay late if required, and drop everything to help when problems arise.

Here’s the thing. Not every vendor is the perfect fit for you.  Maybe you meet with them and you’re not sure you click.  It happens!  The right vendor worth searching for until you get it right.  Don’t be afraid to interview a few wedding professionals until you find your perfect match!  And, if there’s something you feel very strongly about when it comes to your wedding, don’t be afraid to prioritize your budget to spend more in that area.  A good vendor-client relationship feels more like hanging out with friends than it does a business transaction.

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Happy Wedding Planning!


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