Rachelle & Kendall | Conservative Mennonite Wedding

Can I tell you what my favourite part of a conservative Mennonite wedding is?  Every one of these weddings is unique, with the details being expressed in the reception decor or the beautiful florals during pictures.  And, I love how everyone on both sides of the family perfectly coordinate their colours – no random plaid shirts or jeans that make it complicated for family portraits (Where, exactly, would you put this person so they don’t clash with the others?).  These simple weddings are more about the beautiful union of two souls and their anticipated lifetime together as one, and not about how flashy the day is.

Rachelle & Kendall’s wedding was no exception.  From the beautiful table decor to the amazing food by Grace Frey, Wallenstein Bible Chapel was completely transformed from an ordinary gym to something spectacular!  250 guests spent the day celebrating the happy couple, who were all smiles for each other.

After an emotional first look in Elora, Kendall and Rachelle enjoyed their couples portraits, and then the bridal party joined us for the chilly day.  It was about -2, but the wind was cold… And the girls braved it for the sake of outdoor photos – worth every minute I think!  But then again, I was wearing a coat.

After family photos, we went back for a quick lunch, and a beautiful ceremony.  The reception followed soon after, and I love hearing everyone’s speeches… It’s where I really get to know the family of the couple well.  I learned how these two families both experienced many trials and devastating loss, and more than once the room went completely silent as everyone listened with compassion to the memories who were shared.

The food is always a highlight for me…  And the buffet was stellar.  I’ve always said that if you leave hungry from a Mennonite wedding it’s your own fault, because there’s always more than enough to go around.  Grace Frey put on an amazing spread and as always, I had to force dessert in becasue the rest of the meal was so good (but you don’t want to miss out on her desserts.  Trust me).

All in all, it was a beautiful day.  The weather cooperated beautifully for late October, and Rachelle and Kendall have begun their lives together as husband and wife.

So what’s my absolute favourite part?  It’s the singing during the ceremony.  Perfect 4 part harmony and beautiful hymns.  I could listen to it all day!

Congratualtions Rachelle & Kendall, and thank you for trusting me with your wedding memories.  It was an honour to serve you and your family in this way.

~ Stephanie