Recipe of the month: Peanut butter smoothie


Recipe of the Month:  Peanut butter smoothie!

This isn’t the most original of recipes… BUT! It is kid-approved and a great way to grab breakfast on the go when you’re late for work (guilty!).  Also, there’s a variation here that lets you add coffee, so honestly it’s a win-win in my books.  Obviously I don’t add the coffee in for the kids, but for me?  Yes please!

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

1c. ice cubes
3tbsp peanut butter (I use smooth)
1tsp cocoa powder
1c. almond milk*
1tbsp protein powder (optional)
1 banana
cooled coffee (optional)

In a blender, put your ice cubes, peanut butter, cocoa powder, protein powder, banana, and almond milk – if you want to add the coffee in, I would subtract out a 1/4c. of the almond milk and top that up with coffee instead.  Blend and pour into your favourite beachy cup and pretend you’re in Cuba instead of Narnia.



About this series:  The food series was born out of my love of food – and my desire to share my kid friendly, husband approved recipes with all of you!  If you need the full story, I talk about why I started this series in the first place over here.  Every month in my newsletter, I release a new recipe – that same day, I will make public last month’s recipe here on this blog.  So, even if you’re afraid of another email in your inbox (don’t be, I promise I’m not annoying!) you can have access to a new thing to try.  If you ever give it a whirl, please let me know in the comments how it went for you and your family!  I look forward to sharing this little part of my life with you all!