Recipe of the Month: A new feature

recipe-latin-american-chicken-soupOnce upon a time, there was a girl who got married suuuuuper young.  And cooking was not really on her skillset, unless you counted mac & cheese or frozen meatballs.  One day, in the mail, she stumbled upon a Campbell’s soup recipe book and that was how she fed her husband for the first three years of their marriage.

I should probably mention here that my mother-in-law is an amazing cook, so the fact that he put up with my horrendous cooking skills for years says he must have found something else admirable enough about me to stay with me and overlook the whole food thing…

Time passed, and kids came along.  Food was necessary, but not enjoyable.  I spent many many years cooking very bland and boring food.  It sustained us, but it didn’t nurture us.  I served my family out of duress, not because I wanted to bless them.  In 2010 (so, a ridiculously long time of using the Cambell’s recipes) I discovered the whole food movement, and I started to finally make some changes to our family’s eating.  I started by working on my own picky eating habits, and then worked to banish my kids’ picky eating (it can be done!).  I began to expand my culinary skillset, my taste buds, and I started trying new foods that I never thought I would.  Food became a way I could connect my family to one another, to linger around the dinner table long after dinner was done.  It was a source of comfort and love, and all because a) I had to change my mindset about food, and b) I determined to be better and not rely on frozen foods for the rest of my life.

Once I gave up my need for separating every food item on my own plate, I began to learn how to cook properly.  With flavour, and trusting your own instincts.  My mother-in-law (the aforementioned amazing cook) began to teach me the basics of Latin American cooking, and it was from then on that I was hooked.  Now, food is my hobby, my outlet, and my opportunity to serve my family with (mostly) clean and from-scratch recipes.  A lot of them I’ve created myself over the years, drawing on my own experience and my own tastes, and modifying them to suit my family.  This series was born out of a desire to share all that I’ve learned over the years, and hopefully help you feed your hungry families something new and different, but are still kid (and husband) approved.

Every month in my newsletter, I release a new recipe – that same day, I will make public last month’s recipe here on this blog.  So, even if you’re afraid of another email in your inbox (don’t be, I promise I’m not annoying!) you can have access to a new thing to try.  If you ever give it a whirl, please let me know in the comments how it went for you and your family!  I look forward to sharing this little part of my life with you all!

~ Stephanie