My mission has always been simple.

  To provide you with quality wedding photos and a great experience.

My favourite part about my job has always been serving my clients, which is why every wedding package is carefully curated to make sure it gives you, my client, a great experience every time.

My clients are so much more to me than just clients.  I work hard to make you feel comfortable, to get to know you, and to make you look great (and feel great!) on camera.  It's common for my clients to be more like friends by the end of our time together!

One more little thing you should know...  I only take on a certain number of weddings every year.  This is so I can make sure to give every single client the attention they deserve!  I will support you through the craziness of wedding planning, help you with picking your vendors, and even guide you on what to wear for your engagement session.  My goal is to guide you through the process to help you feel confident and enjoy the whole wedding experience without the stress.

If you're looking for the photographer that's invested in you and your wedding, and not just going to show up, shoot, and go home, then get in touch for a consult.  I look forward to serving you!


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