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You’ve spent a long time looking for just the right photographer to capture the vision of your wedding day.  As one of your biggest vendor-finds, it’s daunting to think about choosing someone who will work with you and put your mind at ease.
I’ve been there!  Choosing my own wedding photographer was one of the most difficult parts of planning my own wedding.  And?  I screwed it up.  Why?  Because I didn’t know what to look for.  What to ask.  I didn’t find someone who knew the intricacies of a wedding day like the back of their hand.  I especially didn’t find someone who I connected with on a personal level, and so a lot of my frustration stemmed from not enjoying the experience of having my photo taken.
Don’t be like me.  I spent so long being frustrated at my wedding photos (or lack of) that when I entered this profession I vowed to do one thing:  Give my clients an amazing experience every. single. time.
Even if I’m not the right fit for you - here’s a free piece of advice for you as you search…  Find a quality photographer who understands you and the intimate details of your wedding.  Your photographer and you should connect on a level that almost feels more like friendship than actual client-vendor relationship.  Why?  Because your photographer will be with you for a large portion of your day.  If you don't mix, it has the potential to make your day a struggle instead of a success!

If you love food, family, and friendship and cozy nights on the couch with your soon-to-be spouse, then let's meet up for a coffee and see what happens!

Looking forward to meeting you!

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